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When I first had the idea to open my shop, I wanted to create a space where people walk in and immediately feel at home. I hope you agree that we have achieved this. It hasn’t been an easy challenge opening on rue de Strasbourg, but I knew when I walked into the empty building back in 2013, this was the place. Against the odds, 6 years on, we are still here, and I hope to be here for another 6!

The team at Kathy’s is an exotic mix, originating from Australia, Portugal, France, Ivory Coast, Italy, and Venezuela.  It’s an absolute delight to work with these incredible people, who arrive every day with a smile on their face, never-ending enthusiasm, and professional expertise.

Come on in, take a seat, relax, sit back and order one of our exceptional coffees or lemonades, indulge in one (or 2) of our incredible cupcakes or cakes, or stay longer if you like and enjoy our lunch.   Don’t forget our Saturday Brunch!

We do recommend reserving tables if you wish to come in for Lunch or Brunch as we are often fully booked. To avoid disappointment, call us on +352 26 123 186 to reserve. 


We look forward to welcoming you.